The fact that the chain form in the form of a hyperlink anchor chain than the form of the good

We will see below:

on the map to see, you should find a problem. Well, long tail keywords ranking is better than keyword ranking. So, we should do but also indirectly shows the rankings when using the long tail keywords easier.



you can see from the picture frame part is blue, I use the anchor chain chain ranking. The red box is the use of hyperlinks to form the chain to get ranking. In fact, the auxiliary function using the anchor link to the ranking is better than the form of hyperlinks.

. This is what I used to do the experiment in the key enterprise site. Li 60 days. Although the ranking is not very good. However, if I did not keyword optimization. But the pure test anchor chain and the form of hyperlinks on the role of the ranking. You will not feel strange.

Comparison of the

Please look at the picture below

so I do is the long tail keywords anchor chain chain, we can try. There will be unexpected results Oh

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