Several effective ways of bonding website users

experience is the core of the chain, attract a large number of users on the site, is to give the user an experience, this experience is certainly the most concerned about. Experience is mainly two aspects of images and text, image transfer is a kind of visual impact, the picture is more suitable for some web portals as well as clothing, type of website, text is suitable for all sites. When it comes to text, it will relate to the content of the web site, if any article can give users a simple and interesting, allowing users to understand the feeling, so as to obtain the knowledge they need, such as the description of 2011 spring clothing featuring articles, knitted clothing, long sleeved unlined garment as a key object of description, if added some down jacket brand, to convey the confusion of thought, nature will not satisfy the users, which convey a similar error message content of the article, the user misunderstanding, become impatient quickly from the site of loss. The text content of good experience, short text to convey accurate information, allowing users to have the patience to browse other interesting text.

is a worthy user look down articles in general about a thousand words, too long will let users lose patience, too. It is difficult to completely to the description of the content of expression. Users see love short articles, because the character limit, an article may only explain one thing, a face, how to let users interested in learning more.

open web pages, web page layout will be out of order, what kind of feeling. When it comes to the visual effect, I could not help but think of the students in a good Chinese teacher about how to write a good composition, keep neat handwriting, writing paoti, marking the teacher can also give a good mark. In the Taobao shop, shop decoration has become an indispensable part of how the site layout is reasonable, many owners of the pains, the first impression is very important, do the site clean and beautiful, let users themselves, a perfect visual effect, will let users stay foot good step in the appreciation of it, even let users stay 10 seconds, it is possible to let users find the content is worth watching. A visual interface lets users unhappy will lead to the loss of users, although the website layout cannot meet each user’s experience, grasp the preference of target user website optimization, there is no best, only better.


no traffic to the website is a failure, unable to retain the user’s website is a failure. The one-sided pursuit of Shanghai dragon website optimization, but forget the users, pay attention to search engine included, ignoring the user experience, the content of the website users to browse the lack of new ideas, most of them are some of the contents of deja vu…… The end result is that the site is difficult to bind the user. The loss of 100% of the customers, the mood only experienced personnel will have a The imprint is engraved on my heart. feelings. Maintenance of user resources, don’t ignore the website user IQ, starting from the user experience, site optimization and update, recommend some effective way.


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