How to let the chain more weight to your site

in these places for benefit is where many sites collect articles where, if it can be approved, will be many websites, the website weight generally is not too low, we do not have to spend too much.

four: the A5 portal website or blog can contribute the local Journal

As everyone knows the weight of love given to Shanghai

: a ranking with the industry Links

their products is very high, for example: love Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai Post Bar love love Shanghai, love Shanghai know space, etc., in the top left links are usually very high weight, but must pay attention to, can not do too much fire, provoke the love of Shanghai can the The loss outweighs the gain. so be careful and cautious.

Youku, potatoes and other video website weight is very high, but also allows users to upload video, but also for the title of the audit is not so strict, we can join our website address in the title, to reverse the effect of the link.

ranked three: upload video website

Shanghai dragon is very hard, every day on the Internet to send the chain, but also is one day, why do some people’s website has been greatly improved, but some websites are not seen a long time effect? I think that after all is the quality of the chain is different, the same 100 people outside the chain, the chain are high weight, and low weight of the chain is you, the effect is certainly not the same, I summarized some chain weight ranking, and you hope that the webmaster to discuss.

ranked two: love Shanghai related peripheral products

the same industry Links effect may be the best of the chain, you can check their industry in Shanghai ranked companies, some of the company’s website included snapshot is pitiful, a few months ago, love Shanghai reverse link is not much, but his love of Shanghai is really make ranking people admire, carefully read their website can be found, they are basically in the exchange Links, to exchange the basic requirements are: PR > =5, in the same industry, key words on the front page of the row, so I personally think that for the love of Shanghai, Google, ranked the most important basis or the same industry. The chain weight high, its ranking factors can be accounted for at least 70%-80% proportion, that for those of us not what the weights of the website how to exchange links with them? I personally think that is to spend money to buy more than More reliable, I said to buy not to buy the market chain, the chain that buy the quality is not good, but it is easy to be Google, love Shanghai, love in the same industry or search, Shanghai ranked the home page, not what the competition between the companies more reliable direct communication, let the high weight of the site is the best to do a one-way Links play effect, I personally do not suggest that you go to the low PR value of the same company to do link exchange, because if he is right down may hurt you.

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