How to use Tags tags for station optimization

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when we update the article, often can see the Tags label box, but as far as I know, many web editors often do not pay much attention to the use of this Tags.

from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love

(Figure 1)

In fact, now many sites use

in Figure 1 is the content of love Shanghai encyclopedia about "tags" basic introduction, from the picture we can see a lot of text within the chain, these are all can point to related keywords love Shanghai Wikipedia page. With the extension of such rich reading, so that we can in the love of Shanghai encyclopedia in-depth study, therefore both the user adhesion and bounce rate and so on, in Shanghai love like Wikipedia page, will have a very good performance.

for our small website, want to do like love Shanghai encyclopedia rich content extension is very difficult, after all, many web editors can do the daily update site is not easy, but also more deeply to enrich the content of the article are extended, that is really a bit difficult.

so, when we learn from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain configuration, can let our site jump out rate decreased gradually, after all, in this particular era of user experience, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng work, only by the chain + article simple update has been far can not meet the actual demand.

The best

only, if we can be based on the law of the original station update on the contents of the article explore extensions, it will bring benefits to the whole website. Because if we can continue to attract users to the deep browsing, then brings popularity more than for those who are not too humble but it worth reading the article, also can bring weight for our website promotion, after all the love of Shanghai – the bounce rate is an important index to evaluate the user experience.

More than

2, using the Tags tag site classification

CMS system, the benefit of these systems is that you can use to configure the Tags keyword tag, that is to say, as long as you update the article, according to the article content added several related keywords, you can form a Tag>

jump out rate, it shows that the website user experience is not good, the user came in soon after the jump, on the contrary, if the bounce rate is lower, it shows the user experience of the website are relatively good, can attract users to stay slowly looking for various data you want.

in the chain optimization case, in fact, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of those papers have been the ultimate manifestation. When we search for a keyword, and it just has the love of Shanghai encyclopedia words, then we can obtain the knowledge of this keyword here, of course, if we want to know more details, you can through the chain of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of us gradually deep into the understanding.

1, learning chain configuration the significance of

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