Look at the new rule set from Shanghai love search website robots

The important significance of the birth of the

dragon is not their own optimization began to reflect the love Shanghai violated the rules for grasping, think of your website in the beginning of the on-line update a lot of content, then every day will be regularly updated 2 original articles, do some high quality external links at the same time. Therefore, in the relevant content on the shape of the pesticide residue detector website absolutely no problem, and monitoring of the program has no loopholes, site has no dead links, whether the website server is stable, there is no Trojans or attack, the website can be Spider normal index, through the influence of site detection still no big problem. What is what a mistake, a dragon let the 2 year history of the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Er suddenly felt at a loss what to do can not find the crux of the problem.

search engine on the Internet is increasingly vast data in providing convenient inquiry service for the user, the nature of the request is "fast, accurate and stable", provide the best service at the same time saving people query time. The general search engine in website ranking can be simple to download, analysis, indexing and retrieval, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er engaged in the construction site to find the website ranking rules, so as to get a better ranking. From the current market on the various training institutions, Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, forum, you can see, everyone in the efforts by all kinds of search engines to demonstrate the phenomenon of new ideas, in order to obtain better development in the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

ordinarily should not appear this kind of circumstance, the site of robots in No. 9 has been deleted, why love Shanghai or sent this reminder, rare is the database wrong? Dragon further through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform robots tools for detection of pesticide residues.

in the Dragon feel but decided to wait, suddenly thought of love Shanghai webmaster tools, then quickly verify the background, see if you can find the problem. No. 16 dragon was opened, love Shanghai sent a message to remind the webmaster tools to love Shanghai, opened after the discovery of the pesticide residue detector site set up robots, Shanghai love can’t grab my site, as shown in figure

dragon has launched a new website optimization company, accidentally found a imagination, that is love Shanghai spiders crawl the site and search will have a certain time difference. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er on the site early online for various reasons will be set up in robots, in order to better guide the search engines to crawl web content, dragon new website is mainly about the pesticide residue detector detector of agriculture website, at the beginning of the line due to the need to improve some style and so on through the robots program, completely shielding so the content on the site to grab spider. In December 9th the site after the removal of robots after a week view included debugging, Google and 360 are included, especially Google has a collection of 47, while Shanghai has been included for 0 love.

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