The site was down the right diagnosis to help you recover Shanghai Dragon

site is down right there is definitely a reason, search engines are not no reason to put a stop to pull the wool, the website ranking was gone, if the emergence of these phenomenon, so, you must first ask yourself there is no violation of the search engine algorithm do things, if they were not cheating. So, to do their own work records recently turned out to check what is the cause of the. In short, the site there is a problem, it will be the first time to find out the reasons, timely treatment.

To improve the intensity of the original

find the right down causes the timely processing of

original content on the website of the importance of self-evident, believe no do not know, the search engine spiders love fresh original things, and this person is actually the same, especially for young people, they love the one and only thing, love is not like people, if everyone in a piece of clothes to wear, so also, it loses value, the people have lost their appeal, no visual impact, there is no novelty, similarly, the search engine does not love without any unique content, it also like it only belongs to the one and only content.


careful webmaster will find more and more love Shanghai site is down right, there are a variety of reasons for this, can not be generalized, but if you’re not a novice to the Shanghai dragon novice, then you will know the reason is right down while not one, but the general solution is so much in fact, right down to roughly is so much, just fine words, the branch will be more. Therefore, the site is down right Biepa A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) website to help you in the shortest possible time to recover.

has many webmaster and hard, use some black hat Shanghai Longfeng practice, want to speed increase website ranking, to achieve a certain goal good profit, do want to profit this is no ground for blame, but if you use is not justified, then, even if do go up is not stable for a long time. But the white hat Shanghai dragon is.

is the key chain website ranking, a website want to have good rankings, so can not leave the quality of the chain support. If your site outside the chain mostly through the blog, BBS and some Wangzhai obtained, so I believe you website ranking will not be good to go, unless the number of your site outside the chain is large enough, otherwise only rely on this chain to have a good website ranking is very difficult. There are many ways to the construction of the chain, the popular and long effective that is soft, the chain, many enterprises are now buying soft, this is in the webmaster circle is not what secret.


formal approach to the construction of high quality the chain

refused to advocate white hat Shanghai dragon black hat Shanghai dragon

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