The performance of five kinds of site is down right and Solutions

Abstract: first to make sure the site is down right, also called the site was K, the website is search engine drop right or punishment, these days I am finishing my blog network promotion inside the Links time, found that many people’s sites have been K signs, and you know Links in site is K you will have an impact on his website, I used to have met Links station because of the station was K to my station was PR2, the results will be PR0, and the K after being removed after a link PR slowly returned to PR1, since the site was K so important, so we can do to know whether the site is K

3, was included in the website home page disappeared: this situation is relatively common, sometimes may be removed from the home page included due to the search engine update algorithm, the other is the site optimization itself is a problem, such as a web site in Shanghai dragon is suspected of cheating, there may be cheating. By cheating means cheating that is initiated by others, such as brush flow, hang black chain etc..

solution: if it is met the search engine update algorithm is no need to worry, the appropriate site to increase the original articles and increase the chain, the home page will slowly put out, and if it is being searched >

here is through the usual observation and webmaster friends and other communication summed up the following points, if you have one of the following, that your site has been K signs or have been K.


solution: for this drop right, usually optimization excessive or a large amount of copying the contents, the solution to the problem is to increase the degree of the original, if optimization is caused by the excessive part of the excessive modified waiting for search engine update.

solution: since the search engine on your web site before the punishment right down to you to remind the Links, server and website optimization etc. so we must hurry to view the site in the face of this situation, which is part of the problem will be corrected immediately, destroyed in the search engine before punishment.

1 site:, your name is not in the home, such as site:, the query site included number of instructions in the search engine, it was also known as the sink to the bottom, under normal circumstances, the website must be included in the first page, but the page is not the first does not say is the website search engine punishment, because the home is still, but this is obviously the search engine on your website there are signs of punishment right down, is also a reminder to stationmaster friends.

2, a significant reduction in the number of sites included in the search engine is included: reducing the number included in an enterprise such as before, I optimized the station was in Google included more than 2000 pages, the result of a sharp decline to accidentally included one hundred pages of results, as can be imagined, the site is down right.

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