The website usability and the Shanghai dragon combination can effectively improve the conversion rat

8, in the footer add enterprise address, including zip code and telephone. This can make the search engine to know in >

3, on the home page and login page to add some content, including embedded links. These links of the anchor text should be put on the key web site on a page of the keyword oriented and description.

the more you know about human computer interaction and reaction, the more likely you will understand why the natural search engine optimization technology and user experience design combines together, can improve the site in the aspects of conversion so well. Natural search engine optimization is favored by search engine, because it is natural language and human needs, desires, and goals for the foundation reaction. Usability testing and research can help to understand the needs, desires, goals and reaction. Of course, you can use your favorite tools to manage the keyword list, but what is the best word or phrase, Quan Yongyuan decided in the customer master hand and target audience.

4, use embedded targeted links, to guide customers to buy. "Buy now get 30% discount [product]", "the use of one-stop shopping to get [product] free shipping".

6, to attract the attention of the search engine, you should use the title tag (Title 1, Title 2 and so on), add a keyword in the title and subtitle, but to look natural.

7, the use of verbs, in the description of the task or theme, the use of "GO", "query", "subscribe", "buy", "search" and "read more [insert] theme", "buy now [product name]", also can add some trigger words, such as "free" and "new" and "time".

2, in the image to add text that contains at least one keyword. In the WordPress media library is very easy to achieve.

5, if your target market / people not speak English (mainly using your target market, it should be the main language) keywords into other languages in the text links and content of the.

10 points

pay attention to small details is essential in the website design and marketing. The key word is used for ranking, can also be used to understand the users: users want to find they need the appropriate product or page, want the search can bring accurate response, rather than marketing excuse.

implementation of these techniques, you more, your page ranking will be better, your site visitors will be more satisfied with the ultimate goal: conversion rate will naturally increase.

Shanghai dragon and availability of the combination

1, make sure you are added to the shopping cart page contains outside and the content of the product description, each product page as a separate login page, user guide, pictures and text link tags is very useful.

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