Three reasons of website marketing effect is not good

this point may cause no effect on network marketing, network promotion, have been thinking, how should we promote and maintain their own websites, so here, I would simply say that I think of it, network promotion, what is actually in the beginning you should want to choose keywords good website theme, how should we promote Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, what is the part in Shanghai dragon is a process of promotion, the keyword is no matter what, the need to promote site must choose, choose a high correlation or blog the forum, and these bloggers and the theory of cooperation, or cooperation. He has great value on their own publicity, this is not the chain, especially in the There is a correlation between the related links of their own, is our most valued;

second, network promotion is not in place of

or email marketing, marketing, e-mail marketing, there must be someone to collect these data, and carry out maintenance, may be sent, the success rate is not high, but somehow also when the success rate, email marketing and marketing should be quantified; about, I think it is the most needed place after all, now the portal so much promotion portals to write some soft Wen Wen, on their website whether brand website or the overall weight is greatly improved, reproduced quantity, exposure, and marketing, these can not be ignored.

for us, each commodity has a conversion rate, such as:

first, want online marketing, but not a professional marketing website

again, website conversion rate of

this, I also very surprised, since want to do network marketing, in any case a professional network marketing website is still needed, but now, most of the enterprises in the promotion, is to use their own websites, and their website has emerged too many problems, for example, website structure the contradiction, title and so on, these enterprises think everything too good, finally the problem is our own responsibility, and not say is their own, this is a disadvantage of it; so to do a marketing, you must have to do a marketing type of professional website, no matter large or small, the big advantage of the benefits of small, a simple long term, if the key to sit, and then through the website can be very good to reflect the gap, Bi But now the website is uneven, a marketing website is a must.

many enterprise website has seen the network this piece of cake, but in more and more into the site today, but did not find themselves into the network marketing effect much, in fact about the marketing effect is not good reason it may be in many ways, so here, the reason is to write some of this effect is not small well, maybe your own websites have these problems.

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