From the love of Shanghai to optimize the site keyword ranking changes

station, then let the station to do more professional. Here you can fake websites to revise the structure, step in place. Can be carried out from the following aspects: first, reflect the site of a sense of hierarchy, such as Links. It is necessary to adopt some connections, or invest some money and Tencent, such as Sina portal channels do friends chain, doing fine. And increase the website in the news source of regular chain exposure. Professional point at the bottom of the page to do, such as with a disclaimer. Here follow the portal structure. It should be stressed without weight, also need to have their own content updates.

Optimization of

so we do it well, according to the company website and personal station, station promotion company above for two purposes, one is the authority of the accumulation of the site, the two is to establish brand awareness. Perhaps one day the home page article from our station.

for the individual stations if it can enter the top two, will continue to maintain the current means of promotion, do not have too much change. The chain construction of a certain correlation, the weight of accumulated time. A steady step by step. Here still have to do is to improve the user experience of the site, such as a blog is a blog, should not be directly into the portal. Maintain stable structure.


There is no doubt that

the above summary is still around the location of the site itself, but the optimization objective is to quickly see results. So in our >

second is the industry authority website here, ranking or related cooperation and love Shanghai station, or industry portal, Post Bar love love Shanghai, Shanghai news.

is the first love of Shanghai (not considered), keyword promotion love Shanghai open platform website, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

observed in the ranking of nearly a month, we see the website home page: Shanghai love seat structure of their products to Wikipedia, other love their products (Shanghai know, Post Bar etc.) supplemented by basic accounts for two seats, with a love of Shanghai open platform in the back, industry website two, relevant keyword a page. At least 5 price removed. The rest is a melee.

is engaged in the promotion of our optimization, if the individual operation portal is not too good to survive, because the portal update workload, and if by acquisition, this station will be KO, which can be seen from this type of website, just on the line will be included as soon will be more powerful, but for a long time, this station will appear a lot of snapshot update slow.

fourth is the industry blog site and the company site has good rankings.

have been doing keyword in sex in Shanghai, relatively stable recently love Shanghai in some industries the keyword ranking. This letter to the first two page web site was observed after a period of time, on the first page ranking changes and made a summary on.

third is the pages will release an industry website (not fixed, real-time release within the same day

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