A5 marketing enterprise website webmaster for the purpose of the chain is to what

, the enterprise owners do outside the chain to the site in order to transfer the weight and ranking. This is now the most wanted a business owners, corporate owners, conscientious, diligent hard to do outside the chain, only for other sites to weight transfer to their website, let the other sites give high voting rights, and then rose to the home, if you don’t mind, it only shows you did not understand the real meaning of the chain.

chain is a topic but now a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is facing such a problem, many enterprises do not know their own webmaster do what is the purpose of the chain, the chain said part of the webmaster do is to rank for weight, some said to enterprise products, website promotion. It is now facing such a situation, the enterprise website chain is divided into two forms, one is to rank, weight, one is for publicity and promotion. These two forms are of great help to enterprises of all sites, but many owners often don’t know much about this, usually confused a form and another form, not only in terms of content, the influence of the user experience still affected, resulting in net station did not rank, weight, products. Promotion out.

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you can think you are outside the chain master, you can also think you site outside the chain of enterprises is helpful, but you have to consider such a factor, you do the chain. What is more, the chain is not worth. Remember ZAC once said "the chain ninety-nine percent is of no use, only one percent of the chain is a chain effect, the one percent is the high quality natural chain", so the enterprise owners do when the chain to weigh the chain do effect and use. Unfortunately, today saw a row of Yuan Kun wrote an article about the chain of the article, what lack of feeling in the article, then think carefully is the lack of purpose, I didn’t mean to say his ha, just say the personal views. Furthermore, the chain of good and bad, whether for a purpose, directly on the quality of the chain, the site effect, ranking is improved rapidly, the weight is transferred directly. So, see this article enterprise owners can think about what you do is for the purpose of the chain rankings or promotion?.

chain do? The above said there were only one percent, the chain is useful, so the chain is of high quality natural chain, the so-called natural chain of others is the initiative to help you do the chain, now do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster accumulated a lot of optimization experience, if the experience written in the article, the site of Shanghai dragon to write, and then posting on A5 nets, Chinaz, many people will help you reprint second days, so the chain is the dream of many webmaster. This chain is the chain to do, can give the enterprise website weight, ranking will be passed.

, a corporate owners do outside the chain to transfer weight, ranking

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