Nine wins about identity through CPA recent advertisement data, please pay attention to!


        because the identity of advertisers through gateway upgrade, last week’s China Unicom mobile phone number query data is not normal fee, so this week to the revised data, a few weeks before the data loss will be borne by us alliance.

        China Unicom mobile phone number data can not normally return to this problem has been a few weeks before, this part of the advertising data advertisers do not settlement to the union, will have to bear by the league, and the advertising data from the beginning of this week to advertisers statistical revision and then return. After the owner of the gateway repair, Unicom’s number can be restored to normal.

      please being put on the identity through CPA advertising webmaster, abide by the rules of advertising, advertisers now on advertising requirements very strict supervision, if found irregularities, the data will not be returned, and cancel the cooperation qualification, please maintain a good network advertising environment, thank you for your support and with the!

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