An important factor in Links exchange


Links on our website ranking is vital to improve, if the idea, Sina, Sohu such a large web page to give us a Links, then we will stand in the ranking system, have very high weight, ranking will naturally quite in front. On the contrary, if we do low quality sites do Links, on our website ranking effect is not great, if we tell a loved sea K station made Links, not only ineffective or even counter effect on our website ranking.


so when we do Links, have to open your eyes, there was no K. How do we judge whether his station was K, I can see the snapshot to other sites, it is normal or not, see the website history included, see have pulled hair a bit, the key is to look at its keywords ranking is in front, if a PR5 or PR6 website, is included normal and reverse link are many, but no rankings, estimation is an issue of such a website. High quality Links should have the following points are: the PR value is relatively high, large flow, high visibility, keyword ranking, website update soon, included fast, website content >

Links benefits not in our Links can give our website how much traffic, but that it will make the search engine more included your station "(so we often see some sites even though not updated frequently, but it is also a snapshot of the latest, very important here Links plays a factor). Therefore, we do Links is let the spider crawling with many of our station search, we included more web pages, improve the spider crawling our website the most effective way. So when we are in Links, must find, high weight, website update soon, included fast, daily snapshot website Links, it can be very good to our website.

second, learn to judge Links quality

High quality

first, the correct understanding of the use of

Links plays a relatively important role in the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization and ranking, so we need to have the good resources to maximize the value of the search engine algorithm updates, Links do website ranking in the proportion may decline, some people say the proportion dropped to ten percent, some people say fifteen to twenty, the proportion of the Wucongkaozheng (in fact no one can get the specific value). However, Links in website optimization is more important, that is we no doubt, we also cannot ignore. So, how are we going to exchange our own website link exchange Links, provided the overall weight long site, I am here according to their own work experience, exchange and talk in Links, exchange skills need to pay attention and attention. I hope you can help, thank you.

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