At the original Shanghai dragon soft writing

a unique point of view is not created, but through learning, thinking and practice summed up. As an entry-level webmaster or knowledge is not rich enough, is still in the beginning stages of learning, the effect is not obvious, thinking is not fully expanded. Another aspect is a more in-depth understanding of Shanghai dragon, has no contact with Shanghai just like the dragon’s opinions and ideas. The formation of unique insights and ideas, explore, usually requires a period of time, summary. This is one of the factors is not able to write original soft Wen Shanghai dragon.

with garbage information more and more of the Internet, many of the ideas are the same, so that the owners will be part of the same opinion on the limitations of thinking, lack of new ideas. While the other part of an entry-level webmaster or knowledge is not rich enough, will Shanghai dragon soft writing theme thinking is limited to a particular direction, greatly narrowing the scope of writing. Which leads to the reduction of Shanghai Longfeng soft writing theme scope, which is another important factor not to be able to write the original soft Wen Shanghai dragon.

a small part of an entry-level or knowledge rich enough webmaster would be the lack of communication of original Shanghai dragon soft interaction. Tend to isolate ourselves through learning, little QQ, YY, forum, and other insightful webmasters interaction. With the webmaster interaction insightful, can reach more insightful views. >

as everyone knows Shanghai dragon soft text can not only promote the site, but also through the soft paper products, establish a brand image. The more important point is to bring in large amount and high quality of the chain for the website. In many successful marketing case, it is not difficult to find a good article on the website plays a very important role. Especially through the soft Wen promotion website weight the effect is more obvious. Once A5 and ChinaZ on the N will be repeatedly reproduced, bring high quality chain. So the two site has become the most enthusiastic webmaster submission website.

1. is not in-depth learning, no unique insights and perspectives

is a search engine, the webmaster, are ordinary people will be valuable to love the original article. A5 and ChinaZ two famous Webmaster Station is no exception, but also love the value of the original article, very strict examination conditions. Strict examination conditions, not easily approved, for the dedication of the webmaster is a challenge, but for beginners or knowledge is not rich enough webmaster is a hurdle. Just getting started or knowledge rich enough to have written several articles in the webmaster usually Shanghai dragon soft, will not start, run out of ideas. Fuzhou Shanghai dragon to write out the original Shanghai dragon soft troubles, even made the excesses. So, why is there such a situation?

2. point is similar, the limitations of thinking


3. the lack of interaction, thinking of a narrow range of


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