SEM healthcare Shanghai Dragon into the mainstream volume ranked by effort is really

then why do you want to say first of all, the author should be supplemented by flow? Statement here is that this "auxiliary" is not "time", ranking is our priority, then we need to think about is how to through the existing rankings attract more traffic, that is to say, maybe your keywords ranking is very high, but not necessarily from the search engine users click to enter your site. This is also a good explanation of why the first website keywords in any case can only occupy 80% of the traffic. Maybe your web site keywords title and description written very fair and in accordance with the norms of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but it does not necessarily get the user’s favorite. This time the user will choose, in his screen fan >

] Based Ranking

[figure 1]

Figure 1 is the weight of a hospital


] secondary flow

SEM for the medical industry, for promotion and natural optimization is two can walk in the thigh, also for natural optimization, good stability of the rankings is the priority among priorities. I think, regardless of your website content to enrich, page design and elegant integrity, without a large number of keywords and long tail keywords ranking to ensure the good website, too few people know. After all, our website will indirectly show in front of the users through the search engine to. Figure 1.




Query URL and

in February 14th issued a "SEM medical Shanghai dragon sights on search engine behind the user", for the value and significance of medical Shanghai dragon, the author has held some special views. If the ranking and traffic is a traditional Shanghai dragon destiny, then for the Shanghai Dragon Medical, more like the traditional Shanghai dragon and mixed in some special existence Web interaction design factors. In the "SEM medical Shanghai dragon sights on search engine behind the user" in the text, the author said, "the transformation of > > ranking; visits, details of beat users, details impress users, which are complementary to each other, and the symbiosis. Of course, every Shanghai Longfeng priorities is now a lot of medical trouble in the end for the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Medical, how to go the way of the

[figure 2]



query, can be seen very clearly, the station has a good keyword ranking has around 2413 in Shanghai. We can imagine such a site there will be about how many potential users through keywords or long tail keywords into the station? This is the second step we need to say the flow of the supplement.

in Figure 2 of the same 1. Although the query tool only through the formula calculation, but with a 2413 ranking keywords love Shanghai believe that the flow is not too bad.

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