Taught you how to play the friendship link

first look at Links in the collection of search engines, nature is more entries found recorded better, ranked in front of the better myself, if you open a shop in some B2C website, then browse the amount of each store must be high, of course, can also be sold through his credit points, the amount of the amount of data to consider, review and so on. The number next to the shop to see each other Links whether OK, whether the quality pass, but also see the other side of the link is too complex, and whether the site or merchant, if Links number of hundreds of thousands of them, then we link is like a drop in the bucket, this kind of "we really don’t need to add and he’s influence on us is too small.

I believe that the current

did not know the network Links, Links both for a website or is very important for Business Apartment layout shop, because it is directly related to the page of user traffic, and ultimately determine your sales performance. So please put your Links pay attention to it, and to choose.

second to consider the technical level through the Links party ", is a dynamic web page static page, if the site’s server is particularly poor, motionless down death, open to the slow, or that the structure is not clear, and massive advertising pictures, then don’t we go to see the user’s own run he added, as Links it as can be imagined, and Links words but will be counterproductive, after all, Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together.. The next step is to look at the other site is in conformity with the law, we must refuse to pornography, there must be no violation of the party, in violation of the state, to discredit politicians, political news comments on such content, otherwise we even don’t know how to die, there is sure to regularly check whether the two sides have refused the virus trojan, oh.

here is to talk about these, often see such articles on the Internet, now I can only go to the concise and comprehensive to share my experience.

finally is better screening of our own Links, this kind of thing is mutual, the so-called do unto you is the truth. Must have a general framework in the choice of Links, either by industry or in accordance with the geographical distinction between, must have interaction. For example, I do clothing, my Links party must have relevance, such as shoes, avoid random screening in figure N multiple links irrelevant answer to the user on the Links numb, easy loss of customers have the opposite effect. Furthermore Links positions do not account for layout is too large to prioritize. Links is a useful service for both sides, so we do not slander others to raise their own, we must remember that when we belittle others at the same time, others will be behind us knife, so, mixed popular we also accumulate customers in many sites, the accumulation of business partners, unbeaten at the same time, the accumulation of wealth by law.

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