Shanghai Longfeng optimization should have what kind of attitude

1, early because of some basic optimization is not good, will charge busy bound good domain, the site on the line. His heart come on line, can quickly see the effect, but the line on the website, such as two months, included the webmaster tools not much, even a no show. At that time really wanted to give up the idea.

second: learning to be able to adhere to the Shanghai dragon and execution, Shanghai Dragon technology far more than we think so much, because we cannot learn a little knowledge or because make a little success, and a proud heart. If you no longer go to contact new knowledge, but the world is very small, the competition is great. You may learn tomorrow things behind others, so we should not forget every hour and moment is to learn. A two failure, is not what. Is the same person and you most afraid of him, you are still trying to learn piaffe. Be on guard against conceit and impetuosity。



third: just started Shanghai dragon in the short term may not be able to see a very good effect, but this time we need to be patient, to be more tolerant, Ma once said: "if tomorrow can be successful, many people died in the night!" we not only don’t die in tomorrow night, we will see the sun of tomorrow

Shanghai, for most people, is not only a technology is a tool to make money, I believe many people would like to learn the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for some beginners should hold a kind of attitude to learn, to learn Shanghai dragon? I believe we all want to become Shanghai dragon god.

2, a friend saw behind the site, check out the bottom there is a dead link are not dealt with, because the background is behind the card, you need to reinstall the program, because there is no problem of Web site backup, spend a lot of time to build and edit the contents of the article, so the friends told the website here on the line, must make a backup of the site, because of various reasons behind to avoid the site problem, and spend a lot of time, it The loss outweighs the gain..

I in the blog site also encountered a lot of problems, now to share some of my questions appear on the website when the first time since I started the construction site of about

the first point: first we should learn to learn Shanghai Longfeng myself, regardless of whether you have learned before the basic knowledge is not learned, you must first empty yourself, because love Shanghai algorithm has been updated, and then change. The school before may have become obsolete, then we should first myself, only the previous things in mind, is better able to accept new things.

3, in the line on the website, because there is no pre web site keywords layout and map, the navigation on the two paths and key changes, after about a week, included.

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