The chain’s why Shanghai dragon road gets narrower

But if we take the

website promotion is equivalent to do outside the chain, advertisers is completely mistaken.

chain is important, especially the high weight of the site outside the chain, the chain such as Wikipedia, know the love of Shanghai. I started to learn Shanghai dragon two years ago, the webmaster said.


, ER by Shanghai dragon love Shanghai know (or other high weight website) to promote their ideas. As long as we carefully study, you will find, in fact every successful person is good at using a variety of legitimate public resources, so that these public resources for the use of the master.

if we are careful, from the question and answer (with the webmaster forums) we can sum up the recent webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER general idea, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon operation mode and search engine response from the questions and answers in the analysis, and then summarizes its strengths and weaknesses, combined with the actual situation of their own. In order to develop their own weaknesses, Shanghai Longfeng strategy, and implemented, can take a lot of little detours, we do not pursue fast

actually, we do not do so, these well-known sites have become manure water cross flow, shelter and the lowest level of public toilets, everyone shunned, we will go to the chain

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at the same time, we should also thank the love of Shanghai (or other high weight website) is prohibited outside the chain of advertising — this is they force us to conversion of marketing ideas, I don’t want to cloud cloud, to change the strain, to find their own website promotion and new ideas of the chain. Otherwise, only to know the clouds in my ass behind the cloud people will never succeed.


, for example, love Shanghai know stationmaster, Shanghai dragon ER many Shanghai dragon and website operation questions every day, as long as we take a little time every day, love Shanghai know answer questions, look at the others how to answer this, for us to improve the level of confidence, Shanghai dragon great – we are not the pursuit of fast


recently know love Shanghai and other high weight website advertising crackdown chain, many people will be at a loss what to do.

and in Shanghai know love (or other high weight website) on advertising under the condition of the chain.

In fact,

chain is important, especially the high weight of the site outside the chain, the chain such as Wikipedia, know the love of Shanghai. Many people today or two, there is no progress, Shanghai dragon is getting narrow thinking

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although many Shanghai Longfeng and site operators are as long as we focus a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but a little, or from the numerous phenomena question summarized the latest search engine dynamic and some abnormal search engine to quickly enhance our Difficult miscellaneous diseases, the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon rich professional quality is extremely important: we are not the pursuit of fast


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