Several WordPress is conducive to the optimization of the Shanghai dragon blog plugin

3.Random Pages Widget

2.Pinyin Shanghai Dragon (pinyin Shanghai dragon)

is very happy, this is a Chinese plug-in, and very successful. Most plug-ins when setting the Chinese conversion English URL, only considering the article page, without taking into account the label page, so many blog tag page URL is garbled. Pinyin Shanghai dragon perfect to consider this issue, the label page URL also gives a very refreshing feeling.

automatic link plugin, we own each article to manually add the link is very difficult, especially some necessary, we need to modify some of the old ", the link to the new page. This may be a very tedious process. But with this automatic link plugin, we will keywords and links to the page set up, as long as the appearance of the keywords, it will automatically link to the corresponding page.

as a blog template WordPress the most popular in the world, its biggest advantage is that the user can add plug-ins according to their needs, rational use of some of the plugins can make the website optimization effort. Today we offer several moved to WordPress Shanghai Longfeng plugin template.

The random

plugin for too lazy to update the blog people, is a very good plug-in, he can let the spider climb into each web page to see a different page. More importantly, we are old "also have the opportunity to show here. Control is very good plug-in website weight transfer. This plugin is installed, drag on the right side of the random pages widget gadget appearance. You can set the display page.

4.WP Keyword Link

four of the more commonly used plug-in plug-in, too much will affect the speed of WordPress, the plug-in is moved for many years Shanghai Longfeng experience collected, basically every blog will be used, to share to you. Search in the search engine, better find the download address. You can’t find it can contact.



1.WP No Category Base

standard WordPress classification directory URL is containing "category", and for the website, each category may be our important ranking page, this form of URL, not only the visual effects, the Shanghai dragon is not so friendly. WP no category base WordPress URL plugin can remove the website category, is loved by everyone.

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