Optimization techniques on an example of e-commerce site landing page

in e-commerce site, landing page (Landing Page, sometimes called the first to capture the user’s page) is when users click on the ads or potential we use the search engine to search after the product page is displayed to the user. The electronic commerce website, the most important is not a simple network traffic but the site’s conversion rate, if the conversion rate is not good, even if your site traffic is not high in how much effect. So for the e-commerce site for the webmaster, how to optimize and landing pages, in order to improve the rate of conversion is a must. So how are we going to optimize in order to achieve the best effect? Today I will share a few points on the landing page optimization techniques.



three, the landing page to clear

The chain structure of

, in our product picture with ALT attribute

When we were in the optimization of

optimization perspective, describe the information search engine grab site landing page’s main content is to grab is the product of the. Because the description is generally plain text, and text to search engine friendly, but if you keep up the quality of content description, so that a search engine will be more favored by you. We stand in the optimization point of view, the product description is essential for improving the conversion rate.

in the electronic commerce site for pictures is necessary, because the performance so that it can let consumers know more about the product. In the perspective of optimization for image search engine is not very friendly, search engine for image recognition also depends on the ALT attribute. Therefore, in the e-commerce site landing page product page if we use the picture description information, you must add the ALT attribute in the picture, as shown below:

for the e-commerce site, how to let users of your product in a short period of time and money to buy out the trust and intention is very important. For this we need to focus on product description. For the conversion rate we can describe the product description is a fuse, can detonate the desire of consumers to buy to see if you can provide a professional product description.

this purpose is very simple, is to make the search engine more understanding of our site content. Of course, we need to pay attention to a little, just can’t use this tag keyword stuffing. If it lost the use of its purpose. For the use of keywords built by K out of the station number numerous, if because of this reason was K off, a little sesame lost watermelon.

two, the product description should reflect the enterprise’s professional

e-commerce site landing page, we also need to pay attention to is the station structure, the station needs to keep clear. At the same time loading speed should be as short as possible, especially.

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