The real reason Shanghai Longfeng classic case news station not included

website, starting all the same! {including server, template, in short all the same more server stability is very important.

Before the

some predecessors said my situation:

website published articles has been included.

not included in the website are given the answer, I asked about my situation:

1, just as the new born baby, want to let more people know you and remember your name. First of all, you have their own name, then go to the account, and then to tell someone what you call, the market appeared in front of others, with the continuous expansion of the scope of their activities, and remember you know people will be more and more

1. web site to update that your site is no problem, but this has not included, only that is your article has been copied thousands of times.

I updated daily articles for many a day 40-60 article, I always adhere to the original artifacts. Some Adsense is a direct copy and paste. But our site adhere to update original articles. How is the effect? My article 5 days not included an article, and the website in July 20th before the almost every day in the collection. Don’t close the page or website article is included in every day.

BAIDU staff is not a fool, he the rules included seniors through. Is covered by the spider eyes.

I also checked a lot of information, the answer is always the same. From the network to find out the real problem.

Results: the

website article is not included in any real reason:

; The same time

here I don’t want to deny their summary, can only say is love Shanghai to change the rules included the original.

two website articles have been included in Shanghai love.

when it comes to love Shanghai included rules. There was a webmaster did a test, the same article, change the title, divided into two sites to publish.

2. in your article has already been included in Shanghai love, but not put out just a few days, included content will be put out. A lot of people are saying, I don’t think so, may love sea received the re inspection after it was released, then why others of the day made the day to close it? Just love Shanghai bag? Why every day is this? Others article is original? I can we testify the content of why only his as like as two peas, do not charge me? And this is not a day for two days, but one or two months.

Results: the

2, specific to the site, when you have your own website, you should make your website address and the main content to tell search engines.

test: love Shanghai has been included in the article, change the title, the content of the same, issued by other websites.

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