What do grassroots webmaster lessons Links failure summary

Shanghai dragon, increase the weight of the site, as we all know, Links, but in exchange Links, need to pay attention to what the problem? Do Links recently due to failure caused by losses, K website, I have to share my experience of failure and we hope that we learn from in the bar, detours.

Although the


second days, contact Links staff, so that he will sell his published links all of the information in the Links website to sell out, wait for the notification whether to add the links, and some suspect has been K off the other station all cleared. Just a few weeks of hard to find the link and all belong to the O. Waiting for the love of Shanghai release day, not only do friends chain, do daily maintenance. Through persistence and hard work, nearly 2 months now, the website finally began again to be loved in Shanghai included, snapshots are updated, just let a person helpless, the site of the primary key is still unable to appear on the home page, it may require a long process.

in 3 days, 2 to recruit suitable personnel, do Links, mainly do is comprehensive, the same PR or higher, included in the first 2 weeks, not what reaction. Everything is normal, not too big change what. After 4 weeks, due to the increase in Links really, site of the PR from the original 1 rise to 2, when the heart is very happy, that as a result is correct, so find friends work like this link has been continued, until one day, the staff notice I love the sea, site is K off, let me really anxious and angry. I don’t know why. Silaixiangqu, the website did not change, update, promote the same as usual, how could that happen? Is the problem in the Links? In order to find out the reasons, all the work to be suspended for 1 days, after a night out, finally found the source of the problem. The original Links staff, in the sale of our website chain, is the biggest doubt, this love Shanghai is certainly think we’re cheating, so will K off our website.

, thank you!

my station is a small station products, do more than 2 years, has been ranked very good, but the PR value is only 1, the main keywords ranking the first page in the love of Shanghai, but has not paid attention to Links this one, in order to increase the weight of the website, I also studied for a long time, decided to the Links this piece to do it, so to do a Links plan to find a person to do Links this one, it helps to quickly perform work.

due to the failure of very heavy losses, but let me understand a truth, friends of the chain don’t do it, do it carefully, otherwise will The loss outweighs the gain. Source: 贵族宝贝wowawowa.cn/ net weight A5 WOW me first, please indicate the

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