Share some things to do in the station optimization

3 page picture, don’t forget to add ALT and Flash text, sometimes like a spider illiterate a letter to it (pictures, Flash) but it cannot read, but to find literacy culture Mr. ALT to explain it, if you can’t find Mr ALT it is only able to stare.

and other important tag is missing, or redundant. HTML is the main part of the page, each label has its unique meaning and style, a web page is basically composed of HTML language, is also a part of spiders to crawl the page the most important, if not the first write out of order in line with the W3C standard, the spider will not love.

1, check the title and Meta information perfect degree, if the site is one that title is the name of the man Meta is the face, it is self-evident importance of name and face, or on the ID card will not only record the name and photo, rather than writing a certain standard height measurements, so reasonable and highlight the key.

four, check whether the site is dead, if found is corrected in a timely manner to create a good environment for the spider crawling. Links to website, can be said to be more deadly, especially a lot of death. The search engine will think this site problem, or a poor user experience, so as to reduce weight, reduce access, included reducing, ranking affected. A lot of careless owners have failed because of the death of HG, to remind you to the timing of the chain inspection on the site, do not be negligent.

three, check the website keyword distribution is reasonable, take home page:

five, robots test site is reasonable, does not need the shielding spiders to crawl the page; do 301 redirect like no domain name with 3W jump to take the 3W domain name, let the search engine think two domain name is the same station as a whole, the weight is concentrated in the 3W domain name, do not let the weight of dispersion set 404; page, tell your visitors the requested page does not exist or link errors, and guide users to use other web page and not close the window to leave; create a site map sitemap.xml, make your site spider crawling better.


two, check the web site structure is reasonable, such as page layout using DIV+CSS, site navigation station (column) to clear the site level using tree structure, URL path with keywords not more than 3 layers and the length of control within 255byte directory. This long talk is not to say.

2 page keyword distribution is reasonable and uniform, whether to have the 2%-8% target keyword density.

4, in the page to avoid the use of frame/frameset/iframe, because the spider can’t grab, so it is not good this mouth, also think this page is not safe, so we try to avoid it.

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