Shanghai Longfeng Optimization are you sure you really understand each other website keywords

, a key point of each other what is


, 2 time don’t focus too much on the key point of each other in a certain period of time, can be cross point control over time, one day is divided into morning, afternoon or morning, afternoon, evening, regularly, don’t let the search engine to find you every day is the time when the flow up. It is easy to expose the identity, source of cross point time and flow to the natural growth.

1, continue to maintain the site, together with the flow of content, not only the flow of content is not updated once a few days, but continue to surge in traffic, and that included the amount be increased steadily.


keyword is mutual search engine in a keyword ranking list, click on a web site for a user, and the simulation process to access the site.


?Keywords mutual ?The

(recently released some moderate with the double 11 related articles, with timeliness, the author found that basically 90% will be included on the day)

three, cross point to note what


frequency point every day, why frequency? Is the control of the amount of IP, if you think a new station, 50 IP daily, after each keywords per day, IP becomes more than 500, this is not my gun and in the neck to? Good control of frequency, IP growth should be gradual.

3, do not always use the same keywords for each point, you can use multiple keywords as the site of the entrance flow, click, together up, if only to enhance the main core of 1 key words, is also very easy to be aware of a problem, because the website development is the overall development.

?Keywords 4, pay attention to

group has been in the ring with " ", each point of each other; since the plus group had not stopped, so for the novice, or are cross point of Shanghai dragon staff, you sure you really understand the rules of each keyword?? if it is not very clear, may wish to listen to the nagging about today:

for example, the user input "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon", people click on the search list of the blog articles and the process of resource access in the station, called a key point of each other.


website, was included in a black hat technique, artificial control site click, is artificially enhance the user experience, this is a very important index of love Shanghai algorithm. So when the keyword mutual point, PV and IP are more natural, all black hat means have a certain risk, so we should pay attention to what matters to do when keywords cross point? What is there some specific rules of

two, each point of what is the role of

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