The conversion rate for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is bullying

"content is king" s all. But a lot of people do Wangzhuan, content is speculation to speculation on the Internet, there is no what new, plus the users are very picky. For search engines, it is also love new things, and we are also so.


for the website of this art is also very important. This is like doing business, decoration is good or bad for sub shop business has a decisive role. For example: the same is the supermarket, a good decoration is a chain store, only a small shop, where would you go home to buy things? The answer obviously. So, a good appearance can be invisible to you attract customers.


remember grandpa Mao said such a sentence: not to marry for love, is bullying. If it is linked to the Shanghai dragon industry point of view? The conversion rate for the purpose of Shanghai dragon, is bullying. Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane think is very reasonable, do you think? Then, Long Fengzhou came to Shanghai beauty Jane and a little experience to share their own, what is wrong, but also hope that we can be in

2, website

, what is the conversion rate of

if the product price is very expensive, products with others also does not have what advantage, so no competitiveness that is hard to have a conversion rate. So I want to improve the conversion rate, we should work harder in this respect.

3, the advantages of their products and the price of

: conversion rate English. Refers to the users of the ratio of the corresponding target action access times and total number of visits. The corresponding action can be user login, user registration, user subscriptions, users download, users buy out some other user behavior, so the website conversion rate is a broad concept. In short, when visitors visit the site, the site visitors into resident users, can also be understood to the user’s conversion for visitors.

?The conversion rate of , thank you!

4, do the user’s trust

1, the content of the website

During the holidays, the mall will >

network is originally a virtual platform, want by your side to persuade customers to buy the product, it is difficult to. We are now many online fraud plus. So, in order to obtain the trust of users, we should pay attention to the details of things. For example: business license, corporate certificate, certificate, office environment and employee pictures should be on the web site, so as to achieve higher customer trust.


5, engage in promotional activities

two, how to improve the site’s conversion rate of

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