The actual share of business in Shanghai love home station operation details


as everyone knows, search engine optimization in the process of ranking enterprise station is the common pursuit of the goal, but Dajiangshan easy to sit the difficult ah, how to get ranked after ranking steadily maintained in an ideal position, today the author’s own enterprise website in love the sea and we learn it. Firstly, let us look at the current ranking of keywords. Although the competition is not very big but the site has been firmly established as love Shanghai home for two years, the operating practices and everybody to share.


second, the website links to add strategy. Friendship connection is the effective way to improve the site weight, increase early even friends, first of all should be established on the basis of the website and a snapshot of the normal, the best collection of more than 100 articles, because the number of articles included indirectly that website is search engine recognition degree, we also find the link partner’s capital. The construction of Links according to his own experience that Links first correlation is the basis for the best interchangeability, and peer second, pay attention to each other website included and snapshots, other sites included more new snapshot description weights for search engine friendliness and web site in the search engine is also higher, finally, the construction of Links proper attention to PR, now many of my friends think PR is very important for the love of Shanghai is not, in fact I think are saying it, imagine a PR0 station timely snapshot and included, keyword performance are very good, but a PR4 station may not exchange with him, I believe that PR is in your PR is not very high but desalination conditions or as much as possible and peer or close to the site of the exchange, of course, can change to a higher site is better than that in. The author analysis Links their site, at present still gradual increase.

first, the content of the website launch operation strategy. The website is launched in 2010, the beginning of the line to the basic structure of the site construction, after the three mark of writing, it’s the main content of operation, the author first content selection and keyword match news and the industry as a starting point, this article mainly by the high quality of the original article, fixed updated every day, in order to attract spiders purpose, the author especially on Saturday, but also keep updating the fixed frequency, the number of articles through the efforts will soon reach 100 or more, in the process of the construction of the article to remind everyone that, as much as possible not too many traces of the optimization, such as the title may be appropriate to contain relevant keywords, but don’t do too much in order to optimize the keywords, including articles can be interspersed with auxiliary Keywords and long tail words don’t always use the main keywords, although our goal is to get the main keywords ranking, and then drive the other long term performance, but there must be the right word in the right place, a lot of piling up together but will backfire.

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