The core is about Links site link exchange, reciprocal links

call? cheating?

believe that many webmaster friends in exchange Links are holding a try, in fact when we exchange Links must take the equivalent exchange, your site value equal to what link exchange what exchange links, not far fetched, and part of the webmaster is due to the same industry contacts or the friend request for exchange in the exchange Links, the unknown channel for site buried seeds. Imagine, if you do not respect each other, although the link exchange, but the two links can not work together to force, a website is thousands of daily Click to enter another site, and another site daily traffic is 0, how about the other unequal relationship is not let the search engine for

exchange do not deliberatelyWe can The exchange is equivalent to

respect the user requires that we provide formal and legitimate friends.

on taobao贵族宝贝, love Shanghai to sell link to search a lot of businesses, these businesses did sign the name of selling links profit a lot, but as a buyer if you want to buy such Links causes the site to be search engine mistaken for "black hat" optimization technique? If you buy 10 a website in the Links taobao贵族宝贝, while the 10 site Links in a day to your site added, you confirm receipt or Links expired, these links together and taken down, how can such a search engine that is not directly say cheating? It is on the search engine does not respect the search engine clearly tells us to refer to the "search engine optimization guide" do white hat optimization formal, you want to do black hat, I believe that the search engine Also can not recognize your practice.

believe most of the webmaster have experienced site link exchange this process, many of them also have part of the webmaster is by selling links to profit, but you think about such a question: why should we link exchange is called "Links", this is just a simple

from the beginning to enter the industry website at that moment, my site is just ten days will have a number of exchange links with many, but these links did not bring to the site because these links are good, I buy Taobao in the Internet, there is even a part of the link in the purchase confirmation of receipt after being the seller is withdrawn, until the moment I was thinking "why our link exchange will be called Links, is that there is no meaning?" after several years of operation of the Internet website, now I come to understand the exchange links as to what is called Links, because Links told us in the Internet link exchange process should respect the "friendship" two words, respect, respect, respect the webmaster search engine users, the following specific to talk about these three questions.

webmaster webmaster respect is to respect and voluntary exchange

search engine is to respect the natural exchange,

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