Small owners how to write good original articles

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if you do the things you do best, then you can create a very good original article, because of the small webmaster, why do some friends do not know how to write the article? First, into the field of time is too short, the cognitive level is limited, so don’t creation good article. Second, although he has entered into this field for a long time, but no serious study, do not know how the idea of the article. The teacher gave us three soil here for example, say you in the network marketing ability is relatively strong, there are some basic web knowledge, although you can write a good marketing plan, but when you enter into the PHP development, then you are dumbfounded. Because of you, just contact the HTML, CSS learning, development for the PHP, you basically as a couple. Is the so-called, gehangrugeshan, if you persist in their own fields, it may be from their own strengths focus.

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from the properties of the products or services you play

is more small owners to sell their products or services on the Internet, if you want to make their sites receive the search engine’s favorite, the original article is unavoidable. The product of friends, you can come to your site from the following points of creation. First, introduce the product description. If you are selling the source, then you have to write your code is what to do, why do people want to bring customers what etc.. Two, introduce the product dynamic. Do you sell the source code and a new function, then you can write about the benefits of these new capabilities. Three, customer service service products. You can make a large number of customer service expansion, as there are plenty of content. For example, XX customer service service which is good, XX how to deal with the bad, as long as you want to write, do not worry about no content.


write their own learning

today is the eleventh day of the three soil since the creation of the original article, I very trust the words "love the original search engine". Indeed, the vast majority of people with fresh, innovative and unique view of the article, but also cast both hands in favor of creation. As a long time to contact the Internet webmaster, three teacher want to own more experience for everyone to share, to help you solve the problem in the relevant aspects of the site. These days there are some users to add my QQ, I ask how to do is keep updating a thousand words of the original article in his blog every day, then to teach you about my personal experience today three as a soil, teach you how to write out the Shanghai Dragon Staff in line with the user experience of the original article, how to enrich your website for the original

does not write the original article, can search the Internet and more articles, because from someone else’s article is the essence, you can extract good ideas from, into their own language.


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