Shanghai Longfeng rules of survival in the search engine how to go long

2) if an article is relatively long, then it is not to choose the page? I feel that no matter how long they try to put on a page, such as: a love Shanghai Encyclopedia of his page is very long, the content of a page length also have influence on the search engine, extreme point if you have only a few words must be included, B, a user point of view, open the page shown below is a 1~10 page, may directly away, although paging can improve PV, but users not to open a new page is loaded into the page waiting time, also will increase bounce rate, C, and page most of the titles are the same, also increase the repeatability.

is now the record more trouble, but the record is a must, a, access speed, security, B, Shanghai on the love and certainly have no record of detection, although not caused directly by K, but the record must be added, access speed is guaranteed and the user experience will rise.

3) in the construction of the chain, if out of the internal links, this is relatively simple, the best of each page with a current position and related reading, can also improve.

search engine, here is not listed, as Chinese Shanghai dragon is the main face of ER we love Shanghai, so this is mainly about the love of Shanghai, other I also not much research, but the personal feeling of love in Shanghai do Google ranking not bad.

is the central idea of your site theme, do stand, what themes can be done but there is a premise that must be legitimate, do stand in prison recently many cases, how much is one thing, then sleep at night is not worried about being so simple a K search engine.

1) original content here is not to say, if I were a user, I saw an article in my first reaction to pull down the scroll bar to see if the length of the article, several screen I’m sure is looking for another. The height of the page is 768px minus on the toolbar is probably about 600, which is about 25 of the height of a row, each row of about 50 words, 600/25*50=1200, personal feeling up to no more than two screen, that is more appropriate in 2000 words or less, may also have such pictures.

three, service provider selection;

four, the site’s internal construction;

two, the website for the record;



here that is the main business space and domain name, everyone in the importance of space before, some of the names I used recently (where not say), September to now every three days on average a few hours open, ask the customer service every time is DNS problem, do later, several stations that place are in no mood to do, and very troublesome to domain name.

, a site theme;

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