Repeat what is the impact on the site God said so

then duplicate content on the site what impact? Look at Google John · Muller is how to say:

on the other hand, different web page of the overall effect, site layout, value added, authority and search engine trust is not the same, like the new.

site duplicate content has always been a hot issue, but also the search engine guide is often mentioned in the content. Obviously, regardless of the site access to the user or search engine, do not want in the website often see duplicate content. Duplicate content often appears on the site, not only affect the user browsing experience, but also reduce the search engine trust value. If there is a lot of duplication of website content, is equivalent to the existence of a large number of low quality content, reduce user stickiness does not say, or even bring down the right search engine.


website content repeat

have to say, God is always concise and comprehensive but for web content, a repeat of this problem really is not what meaning, lose situation. First of all, if the content of the website is not much, do statistics Keyword – URL – content, avoid duplicate content, but also easy to do outside the chain; secondly, if the site is a lot of content when the duplicate content, timely specification; finally, a lot of people in order to show a key content again and made this once more. It is not recommended to do so, can adjust the location of the content to achieve before.

according to the content of the web site to repeat the number, it may affect the capture, reduce the website quality, may also be hit by the search engine algorithm.

duplicate content Google will choose a URL from them, and then displayed in the search results, but perhaps the search engines don’t you want to choose URL. If you have a love, can let search engines know (through redirection, rel=canonical).

website content repeat misunderstanding

on the site inside the content is not to say, everyone knows that. Here to say that a repetitive misunderstanding, repeat the content not repeat station, but repeated and inter station content, such as common article reprint. Many people say that duplicate content is not included, not like, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, the search engine is included in the duplicate content, or give the duplicate content ranking, and some duplicate content than the original ranking even better, this is very common, most owners are met.

search engine to maximize the quality of content, quality content to the vast majority of users can see, and if the weight of your site in the search engine is very low, there is no good rankings, so this good article can only be a few people to see, if only you recorded this article website turn away, other sites are not included, you can see this article, the number of users will be greatly reduced.

The spread of the

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