Talk about how to analyze competitor websites

domain age


this is an important reference index of open web space speed, if the other party is using cloud space, you use a virtual host server garbage, day down. In this case, you have to consider the host in what ways from other aspects.

based data analysis


we can use the home station webmaster tools 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Chinaz贵族宝贝, to inquire about the basic data of competitors, including the site response speed, domain age, site outside the chain, website, website Links, web site keywords, keyword density. This is we can use Adsense tools to analyze it. Some people may ask, what is the use of these data

website also determines the difficulty of optimization of you. If your competitors included data to reach more than 100 thousand, this is a major station of its own ah, if it is a new word, and manpower and is not enough, in this case, or give up the keywords, either the price must be high, prolong the period of optimization. If you are a team of the enterprise operation, it needs to find a way to increase the amount included in your site.

How many

website chain analysis

site outside the chain of keywords ranking I will not go into here. The chain is the webmaster tools provided by domain+. The other form. Here I suggest you use the query tool chain love Shanghai webmaster tools, this platform can be seen directly with the anchor text, competitors, relatively speaking, will help you analyze the competitor. He released the chain with which the anchor text in which platform. Here are two important indicators of the chain is the quantity and quality of quality, we should from the other distribution platform weight judgment.

the ancients said: "the enemy, you can." Shanghai dragon is the same, you want to go beyond competitors get good rankings, the first competitor analysis. Only enough to understand each other, optimization strategy to develop better, can use the shortest speed to outdo each other. Today, a Shanghai dragon asked me: "Lao Feng (Feng Dongyang), you should say how to analyze the competition? All of what data? Today I would like to talk about some ideas I analyze the competitor’s website.

site response speed of

in fact, this is the main competitor websites have a general understanding. You can see that this old domain company website operation how long. If this is a new word, that we go beyond the opportunity will be relatively large. If it is a five years old station, that we want to next year’s time. Because of the love of Shanghai domain age are still very value, for the optimization of personnel, domain age competitors, if you are bidding enterprises of Shanghai Longfeng words that have to consider more amount of money.

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