Differentiated link building should be harmony but not sameness

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search engine can continue to find more information? Is the search spiders starting from a site that links down further retrieval, crawling pages and content to crawl together. So we can understand, search engines cannot do without links, no search engine will not be able to find new pages, it cannot retrieve new content. So the search engine special love links, and even some links for search engines like hunger and thirst to, because is a must. Do a reverse thinking, if a website is not linked to any website, nor any web site links, the difference and a solitary island? Such station cannot be natural search engine initiative found, the same chain of less website, search engine is also the opportunity the less.

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links and content, has been regarded as the website construction and the search engine optimization model. In the practice of Web site optimization process, quality content and quality of the link can play a role, has become indispensable. No one can ignore the content, because no matter the website or search engine itself is built on the basis of rich content, the one and only high-quality original play effect is more obvious, so the author insisted that "the core competence of website construction and optimization is the original". Since the "content is king, link the emperor", the link is defined to the same site and the location of the content, and its role should not be ignored.

and the fact that the situation is, the search engine is a down link crawling content, regardless of internal links or external links, the original function is to facilitate the search spider search page content. Based on this principle, the link of course the more the better, because it can make the search engine more convenient to crawl web content more detailed. But the link is not limited to the quantity, quality and more important, and the internal and external chain focus is not the same, the reasonable link construction, must do differentiated. Why do you say that, inside and outside the link in the production site and the optimization process respectively, what kind of role play, we try to return links to nature, and in-depth analysis of the following:

so, first link is a necessary condition for search engine retrieval, a considerable number of website links, convenient search procedures crawl and grabbed the page content, favored is also reasonable. Second, in the view of the search engine, and interpersonal relationships as in real life, good quality is something we will transfer the intersection. Especially the chain, a considerable number of excellent quality of the chain, naturally, is tantamount to the search engine has recommended, this is why in the website construction and optimization, we must pay special attention to the construction of the link. General small and medium enterprises, the website weight high ranking of the fair, the quantity and quality of the outer chain are more impressive. So the link, either within or outside the chain chain can not be ignored, in order to enhance the website weight, absolute link is the content of the gold partner.

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