Google eight most profitable Adsense tips

At the end of the 90s

online advertisers crazy respected banner ads, they put large sums of money to put in these big colorful ads, many website owners also achieved on the beach leisurely sucking tequila dream.

but the dream is not long. The bursting of the dotcom bubble awoke the world. As per the cost of advertising exposure banner (cost per thousand impressions barometer, CPM) suddenly fell from the sky underground. For the pricing of $150/CPM website soon dance for joy and enjoy the lost $0.50/CPM. In such a gap calculation, can produce 500000 monthly impressions for banner ads website from the monthly income of about $75000 going down to $250/. This difference everyone shouted heartache. As of now, although the banner still appears the trend of slow growth, but so far there may never return to the prosperity of the level at the end of 90s.

has now emerged as a new form of advertising that is particularly suited to small business web sites. Companies that offer this advertising program include Google AdSense, Quigo Adsonar, Overture ContentMatch, IndustryBrain, etc..

on contextual advertising

context advertisement is a kind of matching ads based on Web content from automatic program output. Contextual advertising is targeted at the content of a particular page, so it is more relevant and objective. For example, an introduction to how to obtain bank loans on the page will be put on bank loans or personal loans advertising. Contextual advertising generally uses the form of text, but there are also some programs such as Google AdSense have also started providing image ads; in addition, most contextual advertising programs using pay per click (CPC), but also the most publishers (especially those who can output huge impression of several sites) to CPM as the preferred method of payment.

Positioning capability more powerful

context advertising in its propaganda, easier to guide the user to click, is considered to be better than any other form of online advertising (such as banner ads) an effective online advertising. Therefore, it is also a good opportunity for publishers to make use of the assets of the site to earn revenue.

, however, contextual advertising should not be viewed as a simple matter of applying first, embedding code on the site, and then waiting for a check. In order to get the maximum benefit from the contextual advertising, we must make some efforts, and there are rules to follow. Whether you are using AdSense or Adsonar or any other context advertising program, you can refer to the following recommendations:

1 Determination with the site’s overall adaptability


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