Which sites in the love of Shanghai search right other people also found on the show

this "other people also found" there should be some other form, such as:

the medical network www.ylwlb贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify the station address.




believes that ordinary people in the search often find some time to search for a keyword, will be on the right of "other people also found this forum, and is in the form of graphic display. In the process of the maintenance of the website in chance yesterday clear show mechanism, for everyone to share here.

keyword search



click on the picture, find the corresponding love Shanghai Encyclopedia (there are pictures of qualifying)

also triggered the "other people also found"

before many of my friends are in the group asked other people also show the search mechanism, yesterday evening accident into several pictures of them, found the display principle: extracting the relevant search words of love and the Shanghai encyclopedia, graphic display.


it should be noted that the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love must show with pictures, many medical websites also have opportunity to show. Some of the pictures is case below, everyone can test: This is the

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