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, Yuri, · Milner’s eyes, Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong,

" in fact, it’s hard for you to compare them. Their strategy is different


so far, Milner’s biggest victory is still in 2009, betting on 25 year old Mark ·, Zuckerberg, when he invested $200 million in Facebook, and eventually received a return of $4 billion. In 2011, Forbes reported Milner’s cover story, the deal was the main content.

‘s 5 hundred million for Liu Qiangdong became at least 3 billion;

everyone wants to be an investor. Everyone wants to vote for Jack ma. The following five Ma Ma early investment big brother " Qian Sheng Qian " investment effort is really amazing. Early mining investment process, they can be seen, Ma Yun’s personal charm and marvelous team traits are two key factors to attract investment.

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Abstract: Ma Huateng said: " taobao just do it, Ma told me, when I had the chance to vote for a 15%. is I is not good, then I think the proportion is too small, investment accounted for 50%, now I regret regret all the dead. "


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, Yuri, ·, Milner, the most famous investor on earth. He has appeared in two hundreds of billions of dollars of investment of the company level giant Alibaba and Facebook, and five or six baiyiji company, Jingdong, Twitter, millet, taxi drops, Airbnb and Snapchat. as for the unfamiliar street and today’s headlines this small project is in his portfolio.

‘s 500 million for Lei Jun changed to $3 billion 200 million;

2005, Milner and Ma Yun met for the first time. In 2011, Yuri ·, Milner, injected about $500 million into Ma Yun’s Alibaba group through his digital technology DST Global, and now his 500 million has changed to $2 billion 500 million.

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apart from this.


innovation circle is always full of too many unknowns and uncertainties. The opportunity came, someone caught, someone missed. Investors and entrepreneurs, one for money, one for money. Give money to the team, the market, the model…… Take money should be enough charm, in the shortest possible time " Huyou " live each other.

take Ma Ali’s terms, the market value of this beast is now exceeded 270 billion U.S. dollars, converted into RMB, then about equal to 18000 yuan.

– Yuri · Milner –

investment Ali earned 5 times

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, the most cattle investor on earth,


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