How to choose the site space

How many


at home and abroad, Hong Kong and Macao

three, product market positioning

website on the website of the apartment layout amount is relatively high, the first database is necessary, then portal websites need a large web space, because the portal site is basically a data update. Basically the portal site is such. There is a large space and a suitable background database (don’t know their language background? Click here to help you scarlett.

many times we have to worry about the choice in the web space, do not know about their company or their own websites need what kind of website space. Let me know you a preliminary understanding of how to choose a suitable space for their company website.

products, the image size, the amount of information of the text, the website FLASH, video and so on, these are composed of the content of the web site. If our website content is very much and very complicated, we need to select a larger web space, we need to how many according to our website content to choose the different web space. If you really don’t know the size your site you can click here to contact our customer service to help you answer ~

our website space selection, we have to make sure our website should be to see who. For foreign users? Domestic users? Or Macao users? This affect our virtual host selection, when we face the foreign or Hong Kong and Macao when users we can directly select the overseas website space. Because foreign website space not only can not record, and overseas website space can also make our website is not affected by the restrictions of domestic China. But if we face the domestic user if there is no way. Must through the filing system of the Ministry of our website domain name is analytic normal to show to the user. (such as >

2. enterprise

) Two, the content of the website

1. door apartment layout

general enterprise website is only for commercial display, display their products or make them know own company’s image. So the general company will not choose too large website space because the product is generally what those, or that new products are not many, the relative amount of data will not be great. General enterprise website according to their website to see if there is no backstage management system to locate their own web space, if any, then still have to buy a website with a database, but the database is not very large. If your web site management system with no background so you can even choose to buy no database website space. But sometimes for different web sites also require different strategies. Here Scarlett can choose a suitable web space for your website.

, a type of site location

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