Love Shanghai snapshot does not show the title and description analysis reason secret

on this issue before Yang Changsheng and some friends on the network are often discussed for answers, which also got a lot of answers, the following are some of the conclusions is:

3, some friends said the website user experience is not good, the residence time is too small;

2, Shanghai Fujian business website love search results do not show the description of the website;


4, there are friends love Shanghai convulsion; calm, calm;

recently had a lot of friends website there is a problem, is on the search results page site title display is not complete, no description of Web site snapshot, snapshot cannot preview, but the website snapshot is updated every day, but not included on the increase (before Yang Changsheng wrote an article to your website why love Shanghai pick the top three flowers). This is what

Lee: the reason is more complex, the need for analysis. The main reason is that tag Title Extraction system failure, from other places to take some text as a title. The extraction of failure, webpage design level (such as whole is flash or Ajax), has banned robots level (although some important "don’t grab, but will retain the URL itself), lifting the ban on robots capture, take a long time effect. There are some abnormalities can also cause a similar phenomenon. If you do not meet the general expectations, this kind of problem can be directly submitted to the webmaster#baidu.>


5 and other

the following answer to the beloved Shanghai stationmaster Club Lee answer:

2, some people say that to do some outside chain;

1, why love Shanghai snapshot does not show the title and description of

1, a part of the answer is the website is non original, pseudo original is not high;

however, all this is speculation, are just speculation. Because so far, there is no friends through the above methods, so as to solve the problems. So what is the situation? How should we do? Calm, calm, then your secret love Shanghai snapshot does not show the real reason for the title and description ".


3, Fujian business website love Shanghai snapshot cannot preview;

1, in Shanghai in search of love Bamin shangmeng title search results page display and the original site title "Tieguanyin join _ Pu’er Tea, Green Tea, Dahongpao tea merchants do not like in the Fujian business";

to talk about before Yang Changsheng handled Bamin shangmeng (www.8m3m贵族宝贝) website also appeared in such a situation, the specific situation is as follows:

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