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CPA download Kingsoft online advertising

        07 years, Kingsoft with high quality products and good market strategy, by the network users crazy download, only less than half the time   reached nearly 50 million downloads times.
        Kingsoft launched a 37 day free trial, try before you buy mode, but also to promote the initiative to download network users. As long as the website with Kingsoft, users will have to download. Quality products, strong brand drivers to become your site   revenue provides a solid support! As a prerequisite for you to provide a service. Don’t promise to install Kingsoft without browsing   any form of stakeholders to provide. This can cause your union account to be closed.
 : a generous commission system;       Internet security alliance to take lucrative commissions installed system is higher than the industry average returns to the webmaster, CPA cooperation,   according to the users level payment to the webmaster promotion commission.
commission system table:  
1    499    0.2    /  a
500-19999 installed capacity of     0.3  /  an installed capacity of
20000 and more than   0.4  /    element; an installed capacity of  

my site for installation of bully alliance?
        navigation, download, technology, blog, community and professional websites are suitable for the installation of bully alliance.
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society from questioning, and even despise this field, to the recognition, so that you want to join them, the biggest factor is the young social high traffic, super IP,

The real changes in the

in the eyes of most people do not go out to play a "serious" road, industry experts from the school, playing games, in this year the Ministry of education enrollment notice, has been formally established "professional gaming" brand name, and the formal implementation of next year. So, in their eyes have at the master to the professional grade gaming, because those games from school eSports players, because the game will once again return to college, and this is the teacher’s identity.

gaming industry?


casual games from happy diminshing music to the league, simple, fragmented small entertainment, need more professional team, large online games, ten years ago could not imagine to have today’s gaming, has become the new entrepreneurial dream of young people.

recognized by the society, make gaming easier into the journey of entrepreneurship. Play the game from the field have no ambition come out and become a new skill occupation and professional, well paid professional grade gaming anchor is to make this new industry more heat.

system of supervision, gradually perfect, the achievements of a new era for the gaming industry. The domestic gaming industry system is not perfect, many well-known gaming companies from abroad, from classic foreign to domestic gaming features, the whole system needs a long time to improve. In addition to the improvement of the gaming industry itself, the relevant departments of the Gaming Regulatory strengthening increasingly, this double-edged sword at first glance is buried on the electric windows, actually for the eSports open a way to "right" more widely accepted the door.

What kind of entrepreneurial opportunities now has

gaming and close young generation has grown up, 90, 00 after they gradually grow along the natural flow of gaming, this.




is the favorite of the public, young people bring super IP, spread into the huge market competition. IResearch data show that in 2016 the end of the tour gaming market size will exceed 30 billion yuan last year, the gaming market has reached 26 billion 900 million yuan, with the popularity of the Internet era, there is IP, a high IP, super IP can bring great value here, a super large profit distribution channels, the flow of the economy. From the game itself to a variety of income, the income derived events, gaming revenue anchor and so on, the gaming giant type of cake, there is still much room for development profit.


said that if people become the quintessence of mahjong, mahjong has been successful for a name, the Ministry of education for the eSports so recognized, will lead the gaming business into a new area.

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