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through experience, find a suitable for you to show the shielding strategy of the industry, can be a good salesman, real-time monitoring of Internet users on your promotion information frequent search click strategy will be carried out in time after the shield hit show and click on these invalid visitors, save you.


The use of

often operate love Shanghai promotion people know, are thinking about ways to improve the overall ROI account. That is to say with the lowest cost to get the maximum value of the cost control, in addition to optimize the quality of outside, there are other ways? Yes. Usually there is some accounts by peers or malicious clicks, thus causing the waste of advertising dollars, according to this situation, Shanghai’s official love also has been in continuous improvement.

2. set in advance screening strategy, prevention of salesmen, users repeatedly search promotion information click on your.

1. manual show shielding, shielding, filtering strategies show invalid click report three functions, stop filtering invalid clicks, the same promotion costs, better promotion effect, let you put more at ease.

quote the official explanation: what is the shangdun? Shangdun is a set of manual shows anti shielding, shielding invalid click Tools, invalid click filter strategy in one report, shangdun can stop, filtering invalid visitors to the promotion of search and click information, thereby saving promotion expenses of customers. It is said that there are three main functions, filtering and shielding invalid clicks, which part of the return of advertising to love Shanghai promotion account, to reduce the cost of.


love Shanghai statistics found that rival IP, added to the manual show shielding, competitors will not be able to search your promotion information.

what can be done? ?I love Shanghai

have been competitors malicious click, can use shangdun shielding rival IP, prevent the promotion of information retrieval to click on your.

policy settings show shielding, when competitors frequently search click on your promotion information, automatically on the shielding your promotion information.

love Shanghai background will use advanced anti spam filtering and real-time off-line filtration technology, found invalid clicks, timely filtering and rebates, filter volume and filtering amount can be viewed on the filter in the report.

, for example, in the love of Shanghai statistics can see real time visitors, shielding IP and so on, but this is not able to better prevent malicious peers or click. In order to save costs to help customers better love Shanghai, so today launched a business called the shield function in the tool center can open for use. Then we first look at the shangdun interface is what.

then shangdun what? It is how to help customers to promote Shanghai love to save the cost of

here is mainly reflected in three aspects:

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