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, another furniture dealer, Wayfair has been using the same philosophy and has been operating on the Tango platform for a long time. But ARKit has a huge advantage that Tango does not have:

this technique sounds like shlf1314’s Tango platform. The Tango platform has many examples of applications. IKEA’s upcoming apps, for example, allow customers to put virtual furniture on your home directly on app.

from the public platform, some professionals covering all walks of life with their unique sound public account, the dissemination of information that you cannot see in the open world to all readers interested in them. At present, WeChat public number has become the main form of Internet start-ups. Of course, in addition to WeChat, from the media in vitro, micro-blog since the media is constantly developing. Micro-blog’s diversion mechanism is relatively perfect, it is signed from the media in the flow of support and Realization of the way are very helpful. At present, a large number of "net red" is popular through this approach.


apple can make poké mon go picture is more cool, let the real and virtual worlds seamlessly. At the same time, it will make apple and shlf1314 more severe competition.

it does not create a 3D model, but it can nail objects at a certain point, and then change the scale and perspective of the object. It can also find a plane in the environment that allows users to place virtual objects on the floor or on a table.

good and bad

, but developers can only use Facebook’s own camera applications, using AR technology, but Apple allows them to add augmented reality technology to separate iOS applications. Apple Corp said that ARKit will become "the world’s largest AR platform", I am afraid this is not false.

ARKit can improve existing >

from the media so that people can be the master of the media, most of the information released is written according to their wishes. Some of them are the records of the petty events of life, and some of them are a collection of profound insights into the circumstances of life, some of which are political observations and comments on current affairs. Excellent self media experience in the display of their own, only in Central China to achieve higher returns. But most of the media is only a simple "network transplant", recording some trivial things, or unhealthy content.

technology blog is a branch of many blog types, most of which are written by some senior IT practitioners. Some are born out of the gateway, some are made by traditional media, some are born out of traditional media, and most of them are more inclined to comment and analyze business. The characteristics of each technology blog with art fan children, innovation, professionalism fan fan children, also known as "independent", not soft, not paid news. Its main profit models are advertising, management, training and consulting, and public relations.

with the development of electronic technology, a series of network media begin to form its own momentum. With the development of the Internet era and the continuous progress of mobile technology, more and more new media styles have appeared around people. Of course, from the emergence and development of media has become an important carrier of new media. We are dazzled by all kinds of media. Recently, a tradition of traditional media editors began to adopt the so-called "self media" approach, attracting the attention of the circle. Since the media is the Internet’s life-saving straw

WeChat micro-blog platform

The AR platform

has low credibility,

Apple finally launched an enhanced reality platform yesterday, which is good news for Apple’s app developers.

from the media

notable is that the ARKit platform provides the "world tracking" feature, which relies on a vision based inertial ranging technique. Using iPhone or iPad cameras and motion sensors, ARKit can find some points in the surrounding environment and ARKit can still track them when the cell phone is moving.

Papi sauce series of popular video, set off a wave of video entrepreneurship, more and more people began to follow the example. Even some experts say the spring of content entrepreneurship is coming. Since the media age, everyone’s media power expansion, all the life, work, emotional problems such as their were exaggerated, filmed video posted on the Internet, speak a common language of a group, to obtain high click rate.


homemade video

‘s shlf1314 AR products have set high standards for augmented reality based on mobile platforms. Apple’s entry into the market may pose a threat to the long – established Tango platform.

from the lack of media entrepreneurship

ARKit allows developers to project digital objects into 3D space using detailed data from cameras and sensors. This makes them far beyond the simple 2D camera.

uses ARKit platform, can be virtual cup, table lamp and other items placed in a plane,

several common types of

Since WeChat launched WeChat

technology blog

Facebook is also working to develop augmented reality technology, and also to promote more advanced machine learning.

, which will be used directly on existing mass Apple devices, and shlf1314 requires each Android manufacturer to implant Tango hardware into its handsets.

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