n an editor’s perspective of Shanghai Dragon

station on Shanghai dragon in an edit point. I contact search engine optimization is at the beginning of 2011, the time is not long, is engaged in the medical industry. At the beginning of the stage, I always think this is just a routine update to the website, not what technical content. Also hold goof attitude every day to meet the daily workload. Slowly also feel boring. At the beginning, the quality is OK, then there is no patience for daily, pseudo original also is get throught a thing carelessly. One day, we head to see my article title and article content in a complete mess, irrelevant, put my name in the past, ask you such a title, the selection and the content for the search engines will be included? For the website visitors, they will see? Going into the final consumption? The question asked me to Mongolia, shamed I cannot refute. Later also strengthened the writing standard of pseudo original. Behind the increase of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge learning. More understanding of a group of like-minded people, also love the Shanghai dragon in this line. Of course, the most important is it brings me a long lost sense of achievement.
well, no bullshit, into the business, for a web site, an editor does not teach them what simple pseudo original how to write daily update site does not deal with what. To improve, become a real dragon Shanghai still need the accumulation of knowledge, knowledge expansion. This is not because Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to do. The search engine than you think smart, not to learn you forever just edit.
a persistent quality, can be called the execution. I engaged in Shanghai for half a year after the Dragon began bringing some new people, often found that many people are with me just engaged in editing, writing that the site editor is only just, so as to cope with daily work. Three days fishing nets two days of drying! To write your pseudo original, days and months multiplying someone told you site command, you will know that you have created their own value.
Shanghai dragon must first learn to optimize their own, have a certain significance of each section of
each site exists, which is not vacant in the decoration. I found that many editors, in writing articles, blindly implement the above tasks, the lack of understanding of the whole of the site, but not every leader can consider the comprehensive arrangement, so when the site is part of the plate has not been stable update, should ask why! Hard work is good. Learn how to arrange their own time to find the problem is the key.
Shanghai dragon needs curiosity:

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