How to use news hot words to create high search engine traffic

we know that the news can give us the feasibility of the great flow after then we should be how to operate? Are they with earthquake as keywords? Of course not, then you will be submerged in many high weight website inside, others simply don’t have the chance to find you, you must learn to dig the long tail words related to a large earthquake in the words above, through the long tail word to bring you a lot of traffic, such as the Japan earthquake, Tangshan earthquake, Yunnan earthquake and so on, so will get good traffic, so that it can bring you a stable flow! Usually a popular event if done well, basically can give your website to reach ten thousand do IP level


can we know from the above keywords after Japan’s nuclear crisis, attention from the original zero, once up to more than 15000, that the power of the press is terrible, so for the keywords of nuclear radiation if properly extended, for example, the Russian nuclear radiation, nuclear radiation, will give you a website great flow, do not you see now many portals before the Russian nuclear leak out also provides to the user see, this is a good theme to attract traffic

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a keyword is very hot, that is the salt of words, now not a wave of panic buying, or to prevent the nuclear pollution and so on, these words everyone can come to do, must have to make your site more flow! Maybe someone asked, these are unexpected events, so how can we get these news source in advance, so as to make a time difference, it would be better not? So we will usually pay more attention to the major portals, take a look at some of the headlines, and some rolling news, these news drawn out in the long term, such as to avoid competition and large website >


from the earthquake index saw the last two days of the earthquake on the number of users less, but let us look at the key words: nuclear radiation or map:

!Of course, these one or two days will also

we know in Japan before the earthquake, the earthquake is less than 600 degree of user attention, but once the Japanese earthquake, became the hot news, the index suddenly soared to 3000, is five times larger than usual, visible hot news events can bring much traffic through the search engine, it is obviously the


recently, the most popular is what word, nature is related to the earthquake, especially the earthquake in Japan so that we can see our human nature in front of how small, so for the problem of environmental protection is not only stay in the oral, to take practical action to do, say a bit far first, look at the key words earthquake love Shanghai index:

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