A few seconds included feeling rookie webmaster website


in my station and experience about the planning process of me. I am a 3 year old child’s father, began to prepare pregnant from 2009 2010, the birth of a child, until today, I have searched for N associated with pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, child care and other keywords or long tail keywords in the sea (love now understand that actually each user wants to search each a long sentence, can do long tail keywords, Chinese really great!), each row in front of the always several related websites, and point into a look feel these large sites are done to women, mothers, there is no one to give my parenting website men, daddy dad, look, including the mall, also is the mother of the mall…… As of April this year, I suddenly want to do a website, the past experience and thinking in my heart.

I’m really Jianzhan rookie, work for more than 10 years, has been engaged in food and FMCG marketing planning work, usually the Internet is the most used QQ and electronic mail, the concept of network is estimated to still remain in the era of IE6.0, but why can on-line the next day to seconds included on-line not long? Have the key words on the front page? Today, on-line is half a month of time, having written website content of some of the stalls, decided to change the mind, review the history of the line before and after, is not only one stage summary, also want to be able to in the same stage of rookie friends to provide a reference point.

, a feeling at the beginning of the site, the first plan, find your unique direction

due to the nature of my work is so good at marketing planning, to solve the "localization" problem, enterprises, products include each of us, are in need of "positioning", a website is also true. In an era of highly developed material products, a number of sites in the hundreds of times, how we can learn from similar products, talent shows itself the same site? We must find their own characteristics, do not the same theme, for more segments of the audience, provide more selling points and features of the content, products or services.


in the space domain, and so have no time to buy, you should do a good job planning work first, the so-called first plan. You need to think about your website to do what to do subject? What people see? These people need to see what? You can provide relevant content quality to them? The first to clear these problems, again started behind the work station.

use the map to speak, to see the screenshots: love Shanghai the first picture is a snapshot of the 5.21, my daddy is free 5.20 evening to DNS success; the second picture is ranked a search for the words "Daddy", my site has risen to the home page fifth, the first is a promotion link.

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