Enterprise site spider trap which you have committed



website frame structureUsing the

2, Session ID


enterprise station will think enterprise site optimization is very difficult to do, because the general enterprise site is to sell the product, website optimization is on the one hand, the user experience is also very important. Do the lottery Enterprise Station friends are very depressed, is in the website design in many parts of the search engine is not friendly, including other businesses, how much will the point of this problem. Here I made from the lottery business station experience analysis enterprise site spider trap what.

5, dynamic URL

Sission ID will use many lottery website to track user access, when users visit the web site will generate a unique and exclusive Sission ID, loaded in URL. This is when the spider visit the web site will be as a new user, URL will search engine visits the page is not the same. One of the spider trap is the most common phenomenon.

dynamic URL is not conducive to the search engine.

saw a lot of lottery business station, some 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/ssq.aspx Shuangseqiu lottery website page is only on a flash, this is a typical spider trap. General flash code to the flash file link to a chain, no other text display. I also do a lot of some type of enterprise site own lottery sites, I mainly do is to Shuangseqiu as the main content of this enterprise station, I have also studied other websites Shuangseqiu this page. Many practices are the home page banner using a flash, but is unable to recognize such a link to the spider.


frame construction site was very popular, but now this website has been very rare, because the use of the framework is not conducive to the search engines. The use of the framework, the search engines crawl the site, just grab the code, but does not contain any text information. The search engine is no way to determine the content of the web site. Whatever the lottery industry or enterprise station station sites do not use frame structure.

spider climb up to take on the website, many forms of jump is very sensitive, but the spider is not sensitive to the 301 jump, in addition, such as 302 jump, jump, jump JavaScript meta refresh this jump is not the love of spiders. I do Shuangseqiu lottery website page with 301 forms of jump, of course can not jump as far as possible not to use, if you must use the 301 jump search engine is recommended, which can transfer the page weight from the old to the new site.

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