SoLoMo scenery no longer start-up companies usher in winter


"The Wall Street journal"

wrote today, the concept of SoLoMo was a smash hit, but with the most famous enterprises in the field have been listed, and in the capital market have faltered, private entrepreneurial companies not listed have developed into a predicament. Although they gave the market bubble brought plenty of money and high valuation, but as the situation of their prospects are a sudden turn for the worse, become blurred.

2010, the famous venture capitalist John · Dole (John Doerr) coined a word "SoLoMo", used to describe the Internet to promote the prosperity of the three technology trends: Social Networking (Social) and localization (Local) and mobile (Mobile).

but now, as the three major trends of the leader, the world’s largest social networking site Facebook, social gaming giant Zynga and giant Groupon group purchase are listed, and the "SoLoMo" also will be cool, many still want private entrepreneurial companies into the industry rise head and shoulders above others in the winter.

many of the original plan in May this year, IPO Facebook (initial public offering) after the listing of companies have withdrawn plans. Other companies deliberately and Zynga and Groupon to keep distance, so as not to encounter the same dilemma. There are some companies witnessed a slowdown in the growth of users, hoping to restore the old style.

some start-up companies directly put up the shutters. Color is a social image sharing application, although as early as the product before the official release of $41 million in venture capital, but it is the myth of the rapid burst. After December 31st, the company’s application will be completely closed.

SoLoMo market has cooled. For some time, people no longer thought it was a big deal to start a company. But now, some people are beginning to restore the original idea." Vc firm Battery Ventures partner Blaine · (Brian O ‘Malley) said.


Viddy Bret · CEO (Brett O ‘Brien) since March has been on a roller coaster ride in. This is located in California, Venice start-up company was established last year, with a free iPhone video editing and sharing applications to achieve steady growth in the user. When Viddy users about 10 people, the development of automatics.

subsequently, Viddy in March this year will be opened with the Facebook open spectrum platform, so that people in the Facebook News Feed information flow automatically share Viddy activities, pushing up the exposure rate of Viddy.

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