Zhuang controversy Ali mother Ma Yun’s back garden or shelter (two)

comes back to "all the world atmosphere garden", then why would call mom as a "safe haven"? Logically, as just listed Chinese’s largest e-commerce company CEOs, Ma uncle what refuge say? Let’s look at the Sina founder Wang Zhidong in Sina experience, maybe it’s not hard to understand.

six years ago, as was the Chinese biggest portal – President Wang Zhidong was the Sina board of directors has suddenly announced the dismissal of China gives the whole Internet shocked like yesterday (related news: Wang Zhidong on sina.com.cn waved goodbye? (Photos)), holding 6%~7% of Wang Zhidong from the moment it became Sina forever remember, the Internet become Chinese mystery, but reports in the mystery or revealing some truth, just how many unconfirmed.

so let’s take a look at six years later, history seems likely to repeat itself, take a look at the following news headlines:

1, Alibaba worries: Ma you can also control the will of its own

2, dialogue Ma: only one I can also affect Alibaba


related news is no longer much excerpts, less than 5% of the shares in the face of their own situation, in the face of Yang Zhiyuan and Softbank under the control of the Alibaba and Yahoo China, sustained huge loss of taobao.com, bank supervision Alipay, and now the underachievement of the so-called SAS electronic commerce software. In fact, the MA in the integration process should be more aware of him these sons and daughters of the situation than we simply see from here, Ma is a bit "crisis" dilemma! (it is also possible to say too heavy, but it is better at thinking:


we go back to Wang Zhidong six years ago, the sudden fire events occurring at the time of Wang Zhidong really made some can be taken by surprise, Wang Zhidong did not seem to give their own room! In my opinion, he is a very dedicated person. I admire the focus of the webmaster, because all people know that focus can be successful. It was like the Alibaba, focused for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and so leave no stone unturned to obtain a rapid, strong development. It is the so-called, danger, or what other reasons, Ali reached the eBay site, Taobao is a leader, but also become a profit Ma body disease. These are no longer pulling, after all, in the first article we already have instructions.

The definition of

shelter can avoid the disaster in the dawn: Enron’s place. What is difficult to estimate? Ali in such enterprises, the dismissal of a founder or CEO to meet future interest shareholders is the biggest disaster. Be able to influence and be able to produce large differences sometimes very large. Sometimes I wonder, Wang Zhidong is now more or less affect some Sina? Then through such analysis, under the operation of the capital, Ma future and how much time it gave us some very big imagination! This is the past seventh years.

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