Taobao webmaster and network business stories under the Double dentity Manager

Although some understanding of

network technology and industry and ten years of experience, Taobao also contacted, but the contact is one thing, further operation is another thing, for me this professional background or so, not to mention the layman. So for some people say: open Taobao shop the most simple, do not have money, register a free account, get some photos sent up, direct agent. As if he were a cow. For such people, full of disdain.

the Bo Bo, I do not know. Business as broad and profound as war, is a comprehensive test of the ability to test papers. Through the months of operation, experienced failure, joy, fear, pain. Is your way.

for the first time, not too much, count on a few repeat barely enough forty. Is relying on these thirty-six kinds of goods, two months rushed to the heart of the four. Not bad, but also satisfied. The middle has experienced several peaks and low peaks. The same is true of mood. In a small number of start-up funds, taking into account the complexity of the small amount of spending and unexpected expenses. Once the crisis, relying on a number of technical sites, to help people do some website optimization and small revision, Ya lying online advertising revenue has also supported some of the recent on-line fool Taobao also performed well. Today ushered in the first fool Taobao’s revenue. Plus the red clay shop income, misappropriation of mutual access, these two months is finally persevered, and completed four business shops, Ya lie network, Taobao, the site of the fool. Lay down the base. The difficulties and pains of A. But the joy and the business operation of the door body, also a lot of harvest. In learning and career, pay and return is always proportional. It is this belief, let me in every body of despair, always There is a way out.

shop difficult. The shop is divided into three aspects: 1. 2, store care. 3, network marketing. These three aspects of subdivision and derive a lot of details. From the current experience, including the required network bank and Alipay pictures, and use the money saving tips of the camera information, shooting, PhotoShop, picture chain library selection and maintenance, shop decoration code and style of graphic design, store classification management, network marketing means. Only said that the network marketing knowledge, is as deep as the ocean. No matter what, there is no big shortcuts and tricks, and diligence and patience. Everything guizaijianchi.

usually, get up at eight in the morning to open the computer, first look at ya lying net, Taobao, red clay fool shop yesterday to visit statistics, traffic sources, collection, source of effective order. Three, as the ECG statistics, you can analyze a lot of things, know where to do good yesterday, where to do bad, where there are business opportunities can be found. Who visited, the turnover rate is how much, why access, where to access, through which keywords and links to visit. Look at advertising and promotional income statement. Analysis which ad which time period of good results. Gradually adjusted to the best code. About half an hour. And then start to update the network. Zeng >

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