The face of resignation

It is well known that the pressure to find and succeed in getting a new job. But do not know if you think not, when you make leaving the job decision and announced that your boss asked you to reconsider your decision and to a promotion or raise when to stay on your way, you face pressure easily can increase ten times.

The first thing to do: editor in chief Tony Lee said: "as a IT manager, when you decide to leave your current job, there is always a good reason. When a person decides to leave, it is obvious that he no longer trusts the company. He can’t work in the company for a long time. This shows that there are some problems."

if your company opened in order to retain the conditions to solve the let you decide to leave the problem to a great extent, the company is certainly worth considering. However, you must keep your eyes open when you think about it.

Gary Peck experience is an example. He used to be a manager of IT when he had accepted the conditions of the boss and left behind the experience, but also to retain their unwilling to lose the staff out of the conditions of experience. In spite of him, in the two case, in order to retain staff and open out.

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