By the age of 30 young entrepreneurs how is power

Reporter Yuan Yuan

before the age of 30 how to succeed in business, young people how to go the road of entrepreneurship, which I am afraid that every young people are extremely concerned about the topic. To this end, in December 2nd the business annual meeting, founder and CEO Chen ou, cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng, force the United States interactive advertising CEO Shu meaning, Meitu Xiu Xiu CEO Wu Xinhong, CEO Xu Le, in a matrix game chat network co-founder Xu Dechen limited CEO Zheng Yaqi in Beijing Pipilu story culture under the auspices of, attend and participate in the "under the age of 30 young entrepreneurial upstart, special discussion is power.". These are in the age of young people 30 years of age, to gather their companies and products to many users, but also has a large number of young people and investors admiring eyes.

how to change?

wants to start a business, how to get investment is one of the most important factors. The idea of these young winners are: do not just want to get your idea to flicker investors, should first do their own thing. founder and CEO Chen Ou talked about Xu Xiaoping after the investment, Chen Ou said, Xu Xiaoping teacher is very passionate, more support for young people. "His idea was to love the project. So I support you entrepreneurs to try to get the investment."

Wu Xinhong’s entrepreneurial path is unique. "I’m a photographer myself. I used to study oil painting, art. I also went through the three venture, the first time in 2001, just graduated from high school, by domain name earned $300 thousand to help people design web pages. Second and take a little money to do, but the former have failed two times, then do his brother Cai Wensheng products in the company, Meitu Xiu Xiu is a certain user after an independent company."

Xu Dechen company registration costs 100 thousand dollars. "We did this for a year, until last month, we just finished our first financing. Before we are often paid to the staff had no money to pay the rent, the main way is to borrow money."

how to build the core team?

found the money, people become the most critical factor. In fact, in the Chinese hot money is a lot, but not easy to find like-minded people. Because you have developed the direction of the development of the company, CEO how desperately, it is impossible to write their own programs every day, to their own delivery, sales, therefore, has a good entrepreneurial team is very important. An enterprise, including a lot of VC, angel investors, the first factor is the entrepreneurial team.

this, Chen Ou’s proposal is: entrepreneurial companies in the early days, looking for a very strong group of people, it is not realistic, because it means that the company’s right to divide. So the early start looking for people is their friends, their own >

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