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faction is my second venture.

from 2007 to 2009. The line on the website, full-time generation, set up in 2010 to now the team for 7 years. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, so now I can not tell whether in life or at work, life is work, but now more clearly what kind of life they want and want to do what kind of company.

last year, several new core members in place, I have more time to think, but also to make themselves look out. A year down, with some feelings and experience, which touched the deepest points, as follows:

a, eldest brother should do what

a lot of boss often with the staff to grab live.

entrepreneurship early, often limited conditions, a lot of things need to be involved in the deep grasp of entrepreneurs is very fine, especially before the company’s core team has not yet up. I have a lot of entrepreneurs, there is no big start-up funds, there is no tall team, all the way to roll over. Fortunately, we have a group of friends who are very supportive of us. Initial stage, grasping the fine, very efficient, but when the team members gradually in place, can let go down, this is not a small ridge. Can not put down, the result is to grab the job with employees. The boss did the work of the staff, the staff not only can not get exercise and growth, the work should also be delayed. Indeed, looking at the employee himself familiar or good things done too horrible to look at this is huge, tease.

, boss of the team, responsibilities: set the direction, with the team.

looking for someone, the first thing is the boss, is most of the time. But the more time I spend on the team, the more things I get. As for the direction, I feel that with more users, consult in senior, quick to try and replay the internal plus.

two, from the user point of view

does not have any one thing than the core team not to pay attention to the user, not to understand user needs and solve user problems more bullshit!

a core team, able to focus on user needs in a timely manner, pay attention to the user experience, often do not go too far. For generation in recent years, the most gratifying thing is to find the north when I remember to ask "what problem is resolved in the end who?". What is the solution to the problem, or for whom to provide services, which is the direction of the company.

we have several breakthroughs, but also from the user’s point of view, only to find the answer.

driven by the Internet business in China, focusing on user needs, attention to the user experience, that the importance of the company’s products are increasingly advantages.

three, do what you like

interview, we are used to ask people: what do you like? What are you good at?.

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